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The best service, guaranteed.

At F.A.I.T.H. Resources, we are committed to our ethical principles and core values, to conducting business in a non-discriminatory manner, and to operating in strict compliance with applicable federal and state laws pertaining to Equal Employment Opportunity. This unwavering commitment enhances our ability to conduct business with the highest level of integrity, solidifying our position as the most trusted advisor and business partner in the industry. Our ethical principles reflect the standards of business we practice.

The best service, guaranteed.

Ethics in Action

  • We operate as responsible stewards of your employment brand, your personal brand, and any confidential information.
  • Confidential business information we are entrusted with is only used to augment our recruiting efforts and will be safeguarded and treated accordingly. We want to succeed and grow, together.
  • Confidential information about a candidate will be safeguarded and treated accordingly. Any information imparted from a candidate will only be used for the sole purpose of finding employment for that specific candidate.
  • We only refer candidates to client with prior written or verbal authorization from both parties.
  • We thoroughly examine and discuss a candidate’s employment history/resume, education, qualifications and salary history to ensure an optimum match with your team.
  • We conduct in-depth consultations with our clients to thoroughly understand their human capital requirements, hiring requirements/expectations, business conditions, and unique corporate culture. Any representations made to our candidates about the essential job duties, estimated employment length, career trajectory, working conditions, financial stability, and compensation details are congruent with the knowledge entrusted to us.
  • We set clear, honest and realistic expectations with our customers, based on our experience and collective knowledge base.
  • We do not recruit from our clients. We want to help you build, grow and achieve your corporate goals!
  • It is our moral and professional obligation to disclose any illegal, questionable, unsatisfactory, or harmful information which might jeopardize the safety and well-being of our clients and candidates.
  • We guarantee each and every direct hire placement we make, and do this by exceeding the industry average and our clients’ expectations. We stand behind our work by offering up to a FULL YEAR PLACEMENT GUARANTEE depending on the level of search engagement you choose with us.
  • By embracing and embodying our ethical principles and core values, our employees have a shared purpose and collective efficacy, resulting in a truly authentic and positive customer experience.

It’s Our Vision, Mission & Core Values That Set Us Apart

Our Vision

To become the most trusted provider of specialized recruiting, interim staffing, and advisory services.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted provider of specialized recruiting, interim staffing, and advisory services; to foster a culture of integrity, trust and respect; to create mutually rewarding partnerships with our stakeholders; to actively engage in philanthropy and community support.

Core Values

Fun & Friendly
We love what we do and do what we love! We are friendly and respectful to others and follow the Golden Rule. We foster a fun and lively environment.

Attitude & Accountability
We have a positive and caring attitude and take ownership of our actions and responsibilities.

Integrity & Innovation
We take pride in our ability to “walk our talk” and do what we say. We encourage creativity and innovation, understanding that ideas are treasures warranting moral exploration.

Trust & Teamwork
We cultivate trust-based relationships and focus on the success and well-being of our customers and stakeholders. We celebrate our successes, learn from our mistakes, and work collaboratively to carry out our Mission.

Honesty & Humility
We are transparent and forthright in all our interactions and establish clear and realistic expectations. We are passionate about showing kindness to others and are more concerned about quality relationships than profits.


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